18" Rims For Sale on Craigslist

Listed below is our current selection of used 18" rims. We can also order all of these wheels brand new. Please contact us for additional information, pricing and availability. Thank you for shopping with Craigslist Tires and Rims!

Special Orders

We offer special orders on tires and wheels. To place a custom order contact us.

American Racing Fuel 18 Inch

American Racing Fuel

18X8.5 - AR321
Black Machined
Price = $130

American Racing Casino 18 Inch

American Racing Casino

18X8.0 - AR393
Black w/ Chrome Lip
Price = $170

Axis Super Hiro 18 Inch

Axis Super Hiro

Matte Black, Color Stripe
Price = $270

Helo HE791

Helo Black Rims

18X9.0 - HE791
Gloss Black
Price = $150

Helo HE825

Helo Chrome Rims

18X7.5 - HE791
Chrome Shine
Price = $200

Helo HE834

Helo Black Machined

18X10 - HE834
Black Machined
Price = $160

KMC Wheels KM127 18 in

KMC Dime

18X8.5 - KM127
Black, Stainless Lip
Price = $210

KMC Wheels KM673 18 in

KMC Skitch

18X8.0 - KM673
Chrome Rims
Price = $280
KMC Wheels KM775 18 in

KMC Wheels

18X8.0 - KM775
Black Rims
Price = $190

XD122 Enduro Machined

XD Series Enduro

18X9.0 - XD122
Off Road Wheels
Price = $165

XD766 Diesel Black

XD Diesel Black

18X9.0 - XD766
Off Road Wheels
Price = $185

XD766 Rockstar Chrome

XD Series Rockstar

18X9.0 - XD775
Chrome Wheels
Price = $260

XD768 Monster Matte Black

XD Series Monster

18X9.0 - XD778
Matt Black Rims
Price = $195

XD779 Badlands

XD Series Badlands

18X9.0 - XD779
Chrome Rims
Price = $280

XD797 Spy

XD Series Spy

18X8.5 - XD797
Black Machined
Price = $205

XD798 Addict

XD Series Addict

18X9 - XD798
Machined Face
Price = $175