28" Rims For Sale on Craigslist

Listed below is our current selection of used 28" rims. We can also order all of these wheels brand new. Please contact us for additional information, pricing and availability. Thank you for shopping with Craigslist Tires and Rims!

Special Orders

We offer special orders on tires and wheels. To place a custom order contact us.

Borghini 28 Inch Rims


28X10 - B14
Chrome Rims
Price = $600

Elure Wheels

Elure Wheels

Chrome Wheels
Price = $590

Red Sport RSW33

Red Sport

28X10 - RSW33
Chrome Rims
Price = $630


U2 Wheels

Chrome Finish
Price = $650

Versante Matte Black


VE 212
Matte Black
Price = $500

Dcenti 28 Inch Rims


28X10 - DW903
Chrome Rims
Price = $625

Phino Geneva

Phino Geneva

28X10 PW28
Chrome Wheels
Price = $700

Red Sport RSW99

Red Sport

28X10 - RSW99
Chrome Rims
Price = $640

Velocity VW725s

Velocity Wheels

Chrome Shine
Price = $660

Vision Hollywood 6 (Style 436)

Vision Hollywood 6

28X9.5 - Style 436
Chrome Rims
Price = $770