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Picking the right rim for your vehicle has to do with size, fitment, style and performance. The rim will need to fit your tire on width, depth and size. Based on your budget the size, material of the wheel and design will impact your ride. Also the larger the wheel, it may cause the vehicle to handle and steer differently as well as wear our brake pads faster. Contact us for any questions regarding rim fitment.

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Rim Size Chart & Calculator

One of the most difficult tasks when trying to pick out wheels on your own is ensuring you have the right size wheel for the tire you currently have mounted or while be installing on your vehicle. This can be quite complicated; however provides an excellent suite of resource for determining the right rim size. Check out Tire Rack's Rim Charts here. Also see the interactive Rim Size Calculator online.

Of course by shopping with Craigslist Rims For Sale you can rest assured that our expert staff and state of the art equipment will match up the correct rim size for you. This is especially significant when adding large custom wheels such as 20 inch and up.

Arizona Authorized Used Rim & Tire Dealer

As a certified dealer of new and used rims we carry all the top brands and popular sizes. This includes 18, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28 and even super big 30 inch rims. No matter how custom you want to go with your ride we can accommodate your rims and rubber.

Rim Types and Uses

What Type of Rim is Right For My Ride?
Depending on your individual needs and budget practically any type of rim will work for your vehicle. If you are looking for the lowest price, steel wheels are your best bet. For off-road performance or heavy duty truck durability wide steel wheels may be the best choice. If you are looking for a combination of performance and looks mainly for street driving then lightweight aluminum wheels are up your alley. Lastly, if you really want your ride to sparkle, shine and grab the attention of onlookers, than high quality ultra-wide chrome wheels are a must.

Rim Brands:
Advanti Racing, American Racing, American Racing Authentic Hot Rod, ASA, ATX, Avarus, Axis, Axis OG, BBS, BE by Breyton, Borbet, Bremmer Kraft, Breyton, ciao, Dick Cepek, Elbrus, Enkei Classic Series, Enkei Performance Series, Enkei Racing Series, Enkei Tuning Series, Focal, Ford Racing, Granite Alloy, Helo, HRE, Kazera, KMC, KMC XD Series, Kosei, Lorenzo, MAMBA, moda, MOTEGI RACING, MSW, O.Z. Racing, O.Z. Racing Tuner System, Platinum, RIAL, Sparco, Sport Edition, Sport Muscle, Sport Tuning, TRMotorsports, Ultra, Verde, Von Max, WedsSport, Zinik.

Rim Sizing:
The wheel size has a number of parameters including, bolt pattern (ex. 4, 5, 6, 8), bolt circle, offset, diameter, centerbore and x-factor. What also must be considered is load capacity, gross vehicle weight rating, as well as rather the wheel uses lug nuts or bolts.


Our Most Popular Rim Brands - Craigslist for Rims

Our Rim Selection
Listed below are a few of our more popular rim brands and options.

*Please contact us for specifics about sizing, color variations and other questions.

Zinik Rims

Zinik Rims (17 Models)

Pictured Above - Z29 Machined

Ultra Rims

Ultra Rims (15 Models)

Pictured Above - Hustler Chrome

Rockstar XD Series Rims

Rockstar XD Series (9 Models)

Pictured Above - Addicts Black

KMC Rims

KMC Rims (25 Models)

Pictured Above - Surge Chrome
Dick Cepek Rims

Dick Cepek Rims (2 Models)

Pictured Above - Tourqe Black

Axis Zero Machined

Axis Rims (32 Models)

Pictured Above - Zero Machined

ATX Series Rims

ATX Series Rims (13 Models)

Pictured Above - Ledge Black

American Racing Rims

American Racing Rims (5 Models)

Pictured Above - Alert Chrome Plated