Used Tire Changer Craigslist

Through our recent upgrade to our facilities we have replaced all of our older model tire changers. Although they are used they are still in good working order. There are various brands and styles available, so contact us for available machines and our current stock.

Choosing the Right Tire Changer

What type of tire changer you will need for your business or personal application will depend on your individual service requirements. Regardless of which machine you decide to use, state of the art technology makes pulling and installing a tire from a wheel a breeze. It also makes balancing tires easy. The biggest factor that will determine which type of machine you need, will be the sizes of wheels and tires you will be working on. For more information on this and other topics check out the article Selecting the Right Tire Changer on Garage Equipment Supply.

used tire changer

Tire Changer Disclaimer

We are selling these tire changers in a used but workable and "as is" condition. It is your responsibility to ensure that you know how to operate these machines correctly. Craigslist Used Tires is not responsible and does not accept and liability for any damages or injuries that should arise from the improper use of this machinery.